Hip Fracture - Beginning of the End


Hip fractures every year in
the India


Of the elderly die within
the year which folows a
hip fracture


Will never recover their previous autonomy

10 Lakh +

Rupees are spent the first year
for post hip fracture
treatment .

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Definition: During an impact, as a result of a fall, the upper
end of the femur is fractured. Usually the fracture occurs in
the femoral neck or trochanter.

Treatment: In most cases, patients who suffer from a hip
fracture are operated as soon as possible and the fractured
bone is replaced with a prosthesis.

Convalescence: Rehabilitation must be carried out quickly
after the operation, for a period of 3 months to 1 year. The
patient must regain mobility as soon as possible for a better

Affected People: The majority of hip fractures concerns the
elderly, especially women (75%) because of osteoporosis,
which makes their bones more fragile.

Passive Solutions are Ineffective